The goal of the Community Police Management boards is to improve police and community relations in Northern Saskatchewan. The Police Management Board in Air Ronge was formed in March 2014 and currently has eight (8) members. The Board and the RCMP meet regularly to discuss mutual goals for policing in our community. It is at those meeting that the Board can bring forward concerns from community members to the local RCMP. The Police Management Board also seeks to introduce new (incoming) RCMP members to the community. If you would like to get involved, please make your interest known at the Village office.

Membership Requirements:

– Criminal Record Check

– Council Approval


Note: There is currently a vacancy for an Elder board member. Please let us know if you are interested in filling the position.

Board Members

Paul Rickelfs


Brent Toth

Vice Chairperson

Kate Bechthold


Julie Baschuk

Council Representative

Terry DesRoches

Council Representative

Shelly Petryga

Member at Large

Veronica Merriman

Member at Large

Jackson Toth

Youth Member